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Music Junkies

Twin sisters that are the stars of the DJ scene in the underground of Tel Aviv. As unlikely as that sounds, the Romano sisters have achieved exactly that and they have long since become too big for Israels relatively small electronic underground community.

Nil and Karin Romano call themselves the ‘Music Junkies’ and they do as they say, they really are junkies of music. They implement a diverse range of influences from their broad taste (their idols consist of Portishead, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Miles Davis, Vivaldi, Kraftwerk and DJ Koze, just to name a few) into their DJ performances. Their sets are all loosely based on the idea of becoming a techno mix, while often deviating from that to a great extent, dipping into other related genres.

‘Visions of a Lonely Galaxy’ has become their very first single track to be published on their soundcloud page just about a week ago. It is a snippet taken from their production and it speaks of the same kind of melancholic and sorrowful feeling that is also found in most of their sets. In their interview for Pulse Radio they describe themselves as outsiders, who find it hard to socialize and try to communicate with the outside world through their sets.

Both identify this role as misfits in the scene and society as a whole, along with the simple fact that they are women in an industry controlled by men, as the two main reasons for having a hard time making a name for themselves in the wider electronic music scene.

But they already made it quite far and there is no sign of stopping here. Or as they say themselves in a twinge of optimism: ‘Eventually true talent wins’. And there can be no doubt about the fact that these two twin sisters are incredibly talented, indeed.

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