Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

This collaboration between young English singer Nao and A.K. Paul, brother of the hyped Jai Paul, whose sound A.K.’s production definitely resembles, is a very classy future-soul tune that will easily stick to your eardrums and create a constant pleasant tingling sensation. If this is a measure for their potential, there is much to expect from both of these young prospects in the future. Continue reading Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

The Hics – Cold Air

It’s hard not to think of The XX when listening to The Hics. They’ve got the soothing electric beats and the chemistry between the two singers of this sextet (Roxana and Sam) works almost as perfectly. On top of that the London-based band have a not too small dose of soul and jazz mixed into it. Continue reading The Hics – Cold Air

Röyksopp ft. Karin Dreijer Andersson – Tricky Tricky (Beyond Deep Remix)

I just stumbled upon this beauty of a video on YouTube for hungarian producer Beyond Deep‘s remix of Röyksopp‘s ‘Tricky Tricky‘ featuring the wonderful Karin Dreijer Andersson.

Karin is mostly known for the collaborative, by now very feminist, music project ‘The Knife’ with her brother Olof as well as for her solo project ‘Fever Ray’. Beyond that Karin had many appearances as a guest vocalist, not the least of them as a feature on Röyksopp’s tracks.

The video is a fan-made compilation of several russian vintage sci-fi flicks and goes perfectly with Karins voice and the futuristic Röyksopp beats, all made even more robotic and dreamy by Beyond Deep’s production.

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Although it has become a bit quiet around Santi White, better known as Santigold and her musical endeavors in the last two years and she concentrates on other projects these days (e.g. Socks and Makeup), Santigold still had a huge impact on the electro, synthpop scene and paved way for future female musicians of color.

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Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds – Go

Foreshadowing her upcoming album, Grimes released a new song called ‘Go’ that heavily features Blood Diamonds.  The trap-influenced song has a very different feel from Grimes usual stuff and she even warned her audience about it, before playing it during a concert, hinting that her album might be resembling more of her previous sound than this. Something for which I’d be immensely grateful.

She originally wrote the song for Rihanna but was refused and subsequently finished by Grimes herself. It can also be downloaded for free from her website.

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Karin Park – Shine (Nebbra Remix)

The FemTune of the day comes from Karin Park. Or more specific from Karin Park and Nebbra, who won the remix contest for her song ‘Shine’ with his Futurebeat interpretation of it.

Karin Park is a swedish Synth-Pop artist who was already featured by Maya Jane Coles and also occasionally works as a model and actress.

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Crush All Bits – Gurl is’ trippin

‘Mystery Producer’ Crush All Bits released this gem of a chillwave tune just a day ago and the very active, social media savvy producer really deserves more buzz for this. A lot of other top-notch tracks can be found on her SoundCloud page

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FKA Twigs – tw-ache

British Electronic R’n’B / Future Pop singer Taliah Barnett aka FKA Twigs is all the hype right now with her upcoming album LP1, that is due to be released on August 12 via Young Turks, who are known for releasing Jamie XX, SBTRKT, The XX and others. But for now Twigs just released a new video on DazedDigital for her self-remixed track ‘tw-ache’ which lets the trained dancer show off her impressive moves in a mesmerizing well-choreographed video.

The Video can be found here

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Lamb – Heaven (Sushi Girl Remix)

This contribution to Lamb’s ‘Heaven’ Remix contest by Bremen based electro duo Sushi Girl captures the general mood of the original and brings it to new heights with an added dreaminess and trancelike atmosphere.

Lamb itself is a trip-hop duo from Manchester, consisting of producer Andy Barlow and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes who make music together since 1996 (with an interruption in between).

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Alina Baraz ft. Esta – Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)

Jarreau Vandal just released this remix of Alina Baraz’ beautiful tune ‘Paradise’ that she produced in collaboration with Esta, like Jarreau Vandal signed to the notorious Soulection Label.

Alina herself is a soul singer based in Cleveland that connects the deep vocals of soul with electronic beats, a tempting connection recalling the likes of Bonobo that went exactly the other way around, freely implementing soul samples in their music.

This remix combines the forward moving trap-beat with her breathed but nonetheless strong vocals that are full of desire. Makes for a light-hearted, almost erotic tune. And I’m not even starting to speak about the beat drop at 0:43, just perfectly set. Continue reading Alina Baraz ft. Esta – Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)