Vaccine – Breathless

People often forget how diverse dubstep can be. Christine Clements or Vaccine, as she calls herself, is a testament to a style of dubstep that is often overlooked. Her tracks consist of melodic, relaxed tunes and easy breaks to create a light atmosphere that is very different from the dancefloor oriented sounds one is used to associate with dubstep these days.

Christine herself was the first female producer signed to a dubstep label, in a genre that only consisted of male musicians and is still very slow to adapt to the reality of female producers and DJs in the scene. Before she started her own endeavors in the EDM scene, she was involved in the promotion of electronic music and even had her own Drum & Bass label together with her husband.

‘Anaesthetic’ is a song taken from an EP of the same name that was released in 2007 and it has all the qualities that distinguish Vaccine from her peers.

Year: 2007

Genre: Dubstep / Breaks

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Bella Loka

Being a part of the music industry with its very own calendar and demands can be hard on ones personal relationships. As a result, making music together with your partner could be one way to circumvent those problems, albeit creating others at the same time, like how to separate and professional life.

Bella Loka, consisting of David and Tea Boothby, a young couple from Camden, London, seem to be heading in the right direction with that. Concurrently they also succeed at creating catchy electro-pop tunes.

David is mainly responsible for the laptop production and guitars whereas Tea is in charge of vocals, piano, songwriting while also contributing guitar sounds. On top of that, she is the one that usually comes up with ideas for new songs, writing them for guitar and piano at first, while David takes care of the necessary managerial duties that come with being a musician.

Their sound, although clearly aimed at a mainstream, pop-affine audience, has its roots in the diverse influences of both Tea and David. Tea sums it up when she says that, “[f]rom the earliest age I was exposed to an incredibly eclectic mix of roots, soul, gospel, folk, rock and pop through my mum and dad’s love of music and widely differing music tastes”, while later on developing her very own taste listening to the likes of Queen, Radiohead, Björk and David Bowie. Bowie seems to be something both can agree on. David, who otherwise has a strong bias towards guitar-heavy music, mentions his abstract fear of Bowie “becom[ing] a borderline obsession”.

On the 2nd of September they are releasing their first EP, ‘Escape’ and at the moment they are extensively touring clubs and venues in the UK. Among the songs on the EP, ‘Colin’ stands out musically with a progressive pop-beat that really carries the song along with Tea’s always prominent vocals.

My personal (lyrical highlight) of the mini-album is ‘Wake Up (You Could do much Better)’. It is a song about personal progress and the necessity of dealing with traumas from the past, topics of great personal importance for Tea. “I wrote Wake Up after a period of intense frustration and the positive message of “you could do much better” was a kind of Eye Of The Tiger moment for me”.  It developed into a dark exploration of personal traumas, also incorporating experiences of domestic abuse that happened to people close to her.

Otherwise Tea has a very positive outlook of the music industry, being aware of the hardships of women, especially their ongoing sexualization when it comes to marketing. But her personal experience speak of different reactions by her listeners: “What we’ve been finding at shows is that there’s a real appetite amongst the music-loving public to see women making real art and music without feeling the need to diminish themselves in that way.”

And Tea and David definitely are making ‘real art and music’. Escape is a solid pop EP, that has good aspects to develop upon and it will be exciting where Bella Loka is taking their sound. Making it sound more rough, edgy and losing some of the polished popishness could really do them well. Considering their diverse influences they might very well succeed at that.

Year: 2014

Genre: Electro-Pop

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Ryat – Howl

Christina McGeehan, better known by her stage name Ryat, is a producer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. She was recently signed to Ninja Tune (link), while formerly releasing her music on Flying Lotus’ (insert Link) label brainfeeder (link), both ranking among the highly influential labels in electronic music. This can easily interpreted as a testament to her great talents.

‘Howl’ is taken from her 2012 album ‘Totem’ and it’s a glitchy experimental synthpop song that inevitably evokes memories of Björk. Especially the longing, slightly tormented voice of Ryat shows an uncanny similarity to that of the Icelandic icon. It creates an atmosphere of nostalgia and I suddenly feel a strong urge to go and explore mysterious and gloomy Scandinavian forests full of friendly creatures from fantasy worlds.

Year: 2012

Genre: Experimental / Synthpop

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TOKiMONSTA – Steal my Attention

After dropping the incredibly great ‘Realla’ a few weeks ago, ‘Steal my Attention’ is the next song from TOKiMONSTA’s upcoming mini-album ‘Desiderium‘ that got released via her Soundcloud. Desiderium is bound to be released in the end of September and ‘Steal my attention’ surely sweetens the wait until then.

In the wake of all the attention for TOKi, I’ve revisited her debut album Midnight Menu, as well as the Creature Dreams EP, and was astonished because I forgot how developed she already sounded. And although her newest tracks and the old ones could both be categorized under the umbrella term future-beats, there’s a very distinct difference between TOKi today and from back then. The reason could be something, that she stresses in her interviews. That, as a producer, you should not try to copy someone else, but find your own sound. Maybe she just changed and her sound developed with her. What’s exciting is that TOKi did and still does sound great. I’m looking forward to what comes next with her.

Year: 2014

Genre: Futurebeats

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Official Website | Soundcloud

Fei-Fei – Little White Lies

Fei-Fei is a producer and DJ from Los Angeles with roots in the techno and trance scene. She started her musical career as a classical piano player before immersing herself in the EDM scene. After moving to Los Angeles she quickly became one of the cities most prominent DJs and has since continued to put in top-notch performances, as well as put out fabulous tracks and remixes she produced herself.

‘Little White Lies’ is Fei-Fei’s newest tune. It is a testament to her recent change in sound, deviating from the ravey techno and hard trance music she produced before. Fei-Fei’s stylish tracks today are strongly influenced by the acoustics of the future-garage genre, with prominent synthesizers and an overall more soulful sound.

Year: 2014

Genre: Futurebeats

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Official Website | Soundcloud

Poliça – Very Cruel

One of my favorite ways to discover new music is through the soundtracks of TV-Shows or Movies. My newest TV crush is Extant, a sci-fi drama with the brilliant Halle Berry playing the main character. And Extant is also where I stumbled upon this wonderfully dark trip-hop tune by Poliça, that is played during the 6th episode of the show, in the scene where Gordon Kern is taking tranquilizing drugs and Kryger steals his fingerprints.

Poliça is a synth-pop, trip-hop band from Minneapolis with Channy Leaneagh as a lead singer. Their newest album ‘Shulamith’ was released in 2013 and they have since toured through Europe and the US. They have also made a brief appearance here on Electric Women on our dream pop playlist.

‘Very Cruel’ is also to be found on their newest album. It’s a song about a dark memory of lost love. About dedication, choice, mistakes and regretful nostalgia. This theme is continued and amplified by Channy’s powerful voice and the dark accompanying synths. And it feels like the song still resonates in my head hours after listening to it. It definitely makes a lasting impression.

So it’s all the more tragic that I actually missed out on an opportunity to see them live about two weeks ago. It’s something I will regret for a good while. Don’t make the same mistake to miss out on them.

Year: 2013

Genre: Trip-Hop

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Official Website | Soundcloud | YouTube

Anna Lunoe – All Out (Panteros666 Remix)

For anyone who follows Electric Women, or the daily hype-talk in the EDM scene Anna Lunoe will be well known already. For all the others, she is a DJ, Producer and singer from Australia who is releasing stuff like there’s no tomorrow, most notable the recent collaboration with TEED.

And now she is going to release a new EP anytime soon and is qucikly putting remixes of the title song ‘All Out’ on her SoundCloud. This rework by Panteros666 makes the song into a real club-house banger.

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Kimberly Anne – Liar (Jakwob Remix)

Kimberly Anne is an up and coming singer-songwriter from the south of London, who released her first EP ‘Hard as Hello’ in March. It has become a very personal and emotional EP, almost a self-revelation to the world, and at the same time a setting-up of herself as an artist. Since, she has toured through the UK on her own and as a support artist.

This remix of ‘Liar’ by fellow London resident and producer Jakwob, that will also be found on the EP puts a whole different spin on her music.

Until now, Drum and Bass was criminally underrepresented on Electric Women. But I’d like to change that with this gem that was in my posting queue for some time already. And I think it’s a good moment to do so, after Saturday’s quite melancholic posts. And as Mondays are everyones favorite day anyway, it’s only appropriate to have some energizing sounds to start the new week with. Jakwob did a great job here, with Kimberly’s splendid source material.

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Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington – Table Tennis

Today, being a very quiet Saturday for me, I seem to be haunted by songs from the past as I stumbled across this little gem from Flying Lotus. In ‘Table Tennis’, where he cooperates with songstress Laura Darlington, he incorporates sounds of a table-tennis game and the life-support machines of his mother to create a daunting and melancholic atmosphere.

This is only amplified by the soft and toned down voice of Laura Darlington over the unique beat. Laura has already worked together with FlyLo after this. Among other tracks, she provided the vocals for ‘Phantasm’ from his album ‘Until the Quiet comes’. She is also one half of Ninja Tune artist The Long Lost, along with her husband Daedelus.

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The Knife – Heartbeats

It’s a weird feeling, knowing that one of my favorite groups and one of the most influential electronic bands of our time will disperse in a couple of months. Only two days ago The Knife announced that they will stop playing together and explained their motivation shortly after in this interview for Dazed. I feel a bit nostalgic about it, but also eternally grateful for their music.

It was The Knife that introduced me to the idea of having a political concept behind their music, while still having an awesome sound. And it was ‘Heartbeats’ that really kickstarted my interest in electronica in general.

‘Heartbeats’ is widely considered one of the best songs of the 2000s and it was a cover by José González that brought the song and The Knife itself into media spotlight. They have loads and loads of equally amazing songs, but this was the one that started it all for me.

Year: 2002

Genre: Synthpop

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