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Electric Women is a project that aims to raise awareness of the women involved in making Electronic Sounds, by posting new and old songs and sets, while in the long run also trying to provide a comprehensive compendium of short and accessible introductory texts about as many of those Women as possible.

Songs or artists qualify when they are either solo Women artists, all-Women bands/groups, or groups/features with Women in a leading role.

The intersectionality of different categories of oppression must be kept in mind, so it is the explicit goal of this project to achieve a representation of the diversity of ethnicities, sexualities, etc. apart from the focus on Women.

It’s also important to stress that this is a electronic music blog first and a feminist project second, which means I (mostly) don’t go running around with a feminist stick to take a swing at everything that sings. I believe in setting an example without preaching to people and I just love electronic music.

I am a student of Politics and Sociology, with a main interest in feminism, women’s rights and intersectionality. With Electric Women I try to bring together this academic interest of mine, including the insights I gathered from my devotion to feminism for my personal life, with my second passion, which is Electronic Music.

I try to do this as I’m personally convinced that the choice of cultural products one consumes does not only shape who we are and how we define ourselves in relation to our surroundings, but it also reflects back and helps to shape the society we live in as a whole. Thereby promoting the amazing artistic endeavors by women (and promoting femininity, which admittedly has a complicated relationship to womanhood) in the electronic music scene is a little step towards a society that is more worthy to live in (i.e. has more amazing electronic music made by women).

And as I explained in this article, electronic music is bound to be a prominent are(n)a of the struggle for women’s representation because of its specific modes of production, therefore making this a coherent project in all of its parts.

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