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Zhala – Prophet / I’m in love

Being associated with two of Sweden’s biggest icons of contemporary pop is definitely not a hindrance to success in the music industry these days. And Zhala can boast exactly that. She performed as a chorist for Lykke Li and got signed on Robyn‘s very own music label Konichiwa Records in 2012.

In early 2014 she released her first EP ‘Prophet’. And it’s the title song that stands out from the rest of the pop tunes on that record. ‘Prophet’ is soaking with rave influences. So much that Zhala describes her own music as ‘religious rave’. It’s a label most appropriate for the tune that starts with a thumping, but still relatively mellow beat. But as soon as the sharp synths set in around the minute mark it steadily develops into a hardcore rave tune which feels almost comically exaggerated close to the end of the song.

It’s a very promising first release and the premiere of her newest tune, the catchy and upbeat ‘I’m in Love’ on the last weekend on P1 shows that we can expect a lot more from the Swedish songstress.

Year: 2014

Genre: Synthpop / Rave

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Shindu – Down The Line

‘Can’t go back. I Lost the track. Nothing is right. Everything is wrong.’ Oh, how I can feel them right now… They are a Belgian duo that goes by the name of Shindu. It consists of Chibi, who provides the vocals and Chris, who’s in charge of the beats. They were formed in 2011 and have not stopped to create amazing electronic music ever since.

Their newest release, which I stumbled upon while browsing through amazing ‘Electronic Rumors’, is the above linked video to ‘Down the Line’. It accompanies their recent single release of ‘Trust me’ as a B-Side. And I must say that I like it even better than the single itself. It has a kind of retro 80’s ‘Drive’ atmosphere to it and sheds light onto the darker times during one’s life.

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TEED X Anna Lunoe – Feels Like

It’s Anna Lunoe – again! The only appropriate reaction to her newest song comes from ‘dropthebassline’ who ask whether ‘Anna Lunoe can ever make a bad track?’ Slowly I’m beginning to think that’s not at all possible.

For ‘Feels Like’ she teams up with notorious producer ‘Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ to produce one of this year’s best techhouse tracks yet.  It is released on TEED’s very own new label ‘Nice Age’ and is special in its modes of creation, because both Anna Lunoe and TEED contributed vocals and production, so it really is a collaboration down to its core.

Both, the new TEED label as well as Anna Lunoe’s development to one of the leading ladies of global house culture are exciting prospects for the future of electronic music and ‘Feels Like’ is a testament to that.

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XXYYXX feat. Vanessa Elisha – Unknown

I’m so stoked. The new XXYYXX EP seems to be right around the corner, as electro’s wonderkid releases ‘Unknown’, his latest track featuring Vanessa Elisha.

Vanessa Elisha already made some waves (sorry for the pun) with her ‘Midnight Swim’ EP where she teamed up with a diverse array of producers for some fine soul-infused electro. The choice to work together with XXYYXX not only indicates that she really has a knack for choosing the best people to work with, but also that she’s amazingly good at what she does.

To me, ‘Unknown’ doesn’t yet reach up to something like ‘About You’. But hey, that was one of the most mind-boggling debuts ever had. So it’s still one hell of an awesome song.

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Zambri – Hundred Hearts

‘Hundred Hearts’ is produced by the two New-Yorkers Christi Jo and Jessica Zambri. Together they call themselves Zambri and experiment with a diversity of electronic sounds.  They released their debut LP ‘House of Basaa‘ in 2012 but it became very quiet around them soon after. Their last upload to their SoundCloud account also dates back to almost two years ago. One can only hope that this won’t be the last we’ve heard of them.

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