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White Sea – They don’t know

Morgan Kibby only recently became known as a solo artist with her Indie / Electro-Pop project ‘White Sea’. Before that she toured with M83 (who can also be seen in the video to ‘They don’t know’) among others, while writing some of the songs and providing vocals for several bands as well.

After her time with M83 she started posting songs online under the monicker of ‘White Sea’ and released her first album ‘In Cold Blood’ in may of this year.

‘They don’t know’ is one of the highlights of that album and its almost folkish beginning, that quickly develops into an almost orchestral room-filling electronic sound makes for some good listening. Unlike some of the other songs on her album ‘They don’t know’, for me at least, it also never passes the threshold to cheesiness. It’s just right on the edge. And that’s definitely where it feels the best.


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