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Poliça – Very Cruel

One of my favorite ways to discover new music is through the soundtracks of TV-Shows or Movies. My newest TV crush is Extant, a sci-fi drama with the brilliant Halle Berry playing the main character. And Extant is also where I stumbled upon this wonderfully dark trip-hop tune by Poliça, that is played during the 6th episode of the show, in the scene where Gordon Kern is taking tranquilizing drugs and Kryger steals his fingerprints.

Poliça is a synth-pop, trip-hop band from Minneapolis with Channy Leaneagh as a lead singer. Their newest album ‘Shulamith’ was released in 2013 and they have since toured through Europe and the US. They have also made a brief appearance here on Electric Women on our dream pop playlist.

‘Very Cruel’ is also to be found on their newest album. It’s a song about a dark memory of lost love. About dedication, choice, mistakes and regretful nostalgia. This theme is continued and amplified by Channy’s powerful voice and the dark accompanying synths. And it feels like the song still resonates in my head hours after listening to it. It definitely makes a lasting impression.

So it’s all the more tragic that I actually missed out on an opportunity to see them live about two weeks ago. It’s something I will regret for a good while. Don’t make the same mistake to miss out on them.

Year: 2013

Genre: Trip-Hop

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Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington – Table Tennis

Today, being a very quiet Saturday for me, I seem to be haunted by songs from the past as I stumbled across this little gem from Flying Lotus. In ‘Table Tennis’, where he cooperates with songstress Laura Darlington, he incorporates sounds of a table-tennis game and the life-support machines of his mother to create a daunting and melancholic atmosphere.

This is only amplified by the soft and toned down voice of Laura Darlington over the unique beat. Laura has already worked together with FlyLo after this. Among other tracks, she provided the vocals for ‘Phantasm’ from his album ‘Until the Quiet comes’. She is also one half of Ninja Tune artist The Long Lost, along with her husband Daedelus.

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Kelela – The High

This is one of the most intense tunes I’ve heard all year and it’s brought to us by Kelela (Mizanekristos), a songstress from LA, in cooperation with producers Gifted & Blessed. Kelela is one of alt-R&B’s brightest future prospects. She was born in Washington and has an Ethiopian heritage. It was only when she started studying Jazz, that she started to pursue a career as a singer.

Her biggest impact on the electronic soundscape as of yet was the release of her mixtape ‘Cut 4 Me’, that she described as the first time she could actually express exactly what she wanted to, with the help of a diverse array of producers. They produced the raw beats before Kelela added her own vocals afterwards, aiming for the sound and feel of a remix album. And to some success indeed as, among others, The Guardian praised it as one of 2013’s best albums. And I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The High’ would end up on quite a few years-end top lists as well.

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FKA Twigs

It’s almost a periodical event, that a new electro artist who is discovered in the depths of the internet, gets hyped out of proportions in the following months. But there are those rare instances, where most of the fuss is well deserved. The release of FKA Twigs’ first full-length album ‘LP1’ is one of those events where I will happily join the overly enthusiastic crowd. Not only because it’s one of this year’s best and most captivating electronic albums, as of yet. But also because of FKA Twigs herself, who surely deserves all the praise she gets lately.

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Samaris – Ég Vildi Fegin Verða

Samaris are a three piece electronic downtempo group hailing from Iceland that incorporates many of the elements a lot of people have come to love about Icelandic music. The ethereal vocals, wide and roomy while at the same time minimalistic soundscapes and a certain melancholy about their whole performance.

Ég Vildi Fegin Verða’ is a trip-hop track that incorporates vocals, electronics and clarinet sounds, all base elements of Samaris’ compositions into one dreamy tune that narrates old Icelandic poems.

One has to mention that Samaris consists of two women (Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir and Jófríður Ákadóttir) and a man (Þórður Kári Steinþórsson) of which only Þórður is responsible for the electronic elements in their music, whereas Áslaug and Jófríður do the singing and play the clarinet.  I mention it only to take note of the fact that even in the (naively imagined) feminist north of Europe and within a mostly-female band the electronic instruments are still a domain of men.  But they are composing the music together and all of them form parts of an electronic band so they have a more highly legitimate place here.

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London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

This beauty comes in form of a Bonobo remix of ‘Hey Now’ by electro-/indie-pop group London Grammar. It adds an amazingly well-placed trip-hop flow to the original song, just as we would expect from Bonobo. The original is even more ambient than this remix and it’s also greatly recommended.

London Grammar hail from Nottingham and ‘Hey Now’ was the song that brought them to wider recognition, after they released it online. They are fronted by Hannah Reid who provides the powerful vocals and writes the lyrics with the other two taking great part in the general writing process of the sounds surrounding it. By now they are no newcomers anymore having reached platinum for their debut album ‘If you wait’ and being dubbed ‘The new XX’ by many.

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Lamb – Heaven (Sushi Girl Remix)

This contribution to Lamb’s ‘Heaven’ Remix contest by Bremen based electro duo Sushi Girl captures the general mood of the original and brings it to new heights with an added dreaminess and trancelike atmosphere.

Lamb itself is a trip-hop duo from Manchester, consisting of producer Andy Barlow and singer-songwriter Lou Rhodes who make music together since 1996 (with an interruption in between).

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