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Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse (Treasure Fingers Remix) / Toxic (Cestladore Rework) [Double Feature]

Today’s Electric Women took a path that becomes a more and more common phenomenon in the modern music industry, but which (thankfully) is still a rarity in electronic music. 20-year old Melanie Martinez’ first dip into fame and appearance in popular media was her participation in the third season of American TV-Show ‘The Voice’. She was eliminated after reaching the Top 6, but still managed to build upon her newly found popularity.

Treasure Fingers just released a remix of the lead single ‘Dollhouse’ from her debut EP with the same name. In his hands it has become a fine house / garage song that perfectly compliments Melanie’s vocals.

One of my favorites releases from last year has taken one of her most memorable performances on The Voice, the cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ as a base. The rework by Cestladore, which he simply calls ‘Melanie’, puts a whole different spin on that song again. It’s one of the best trap tunes I’ve heard yet. So good that it really might be post-trap already, like Cestladore himself tagged it on Soundcloud.

It seems like Melanie Martinez is becoming a producers’ favorite to remix and it’s definitely worth the effort, if one takes these two tunes as any kind of benchmark for it.

Year: 2014

Genre: Garage / Trap

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ill-esha – Crossroads (Buku Remix)

Hailing from Vancouver, ill-esha is one of the most important figures of the glitch hop scene. Being one of the co-founders of ‘Glitch Hop Forum’, she has become well known for her DJ performances, where she not only DJs but also provides live-vocals at the same time.

Ill-esha also already had successful Drum & Bass and Dubstep releases and this remix of ‘Crossroads’ by US-American producer Buku takes her into yet another direction, that of trap music.  I plain love the combination of ill-eshas delicate vocals and the relatively hard beats. This really deserves some love.

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TOKiMONSTA feat. Anderson Paak – Realla

It already means exciting times, when TOKiMONSTA is about to release a new (mini-)album in the coming months. Nonetheless, she still managed to exceed my expectations. ‘Realla’, that features some beautifully soulful R&B vocals by Anderson Paak, totally blew my mind.

TOKi’s production together with Anderson’s vocals make this tune something uniquely enjoyable. It just oozes sexiness through all of its chords and verses. TOKi is definitely among my favorite female producers right now, aiming for the top spot with this sublime tune.

TOKiMONSTA was already featured briefly on Electric Women and with her upcoming album ‘Desiderium’ that is bound to be released on the 23rd of September, it can be said with some certainty, that this won’t be the last we’ve seen (and heard!) of her here.

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Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds – Go

Foreshadowing her upcoming album, Grimes released a new song called ‘Go’ that heavily features Blood Diamonds.  The trap-influenced song has a very different feel from Grimes usual stuff and she even warned her audience about it, before playing it during a concert, hinting that her album might be resembling more of her previous sound than this. Something for which I’d be immensely grateful.

She originally wrote the song for Rihanna but was refused and subsequently finished by Grimes herself. It can also be downloaded for free from her website.

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Alina Baraz ft. Esta – Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)

Jarreau Vandal just released this remix of Alina Baraz’ beautiful tune ‘Paradise’ that she produced in collaboration with Esta, like Jarreau Vandal signed to the notorious Soulection Label.

Alina herself is a soul singer based in Cleveland that connects the deep vocals of soul with electronic beats, a tempting connection recalling the likes of Bonobo that went exactly the other way around, freely implementing soul samples in their music.

This remix combines the forward moving trap-beat with her breathed but nonetheless strong vocals that are full of desire. Makes for a light-hearted, almost erotic tune. And I’m not even starting to speak about the beat drop at 0:43, just perfectly set. Continue reading Alina Baraz ft. Esta – Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)