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Holly Herndon – Fade

Hailing from San Francisco, Holly Herndon is currently studying for a doctor in computer music at Stanford University, all the while touring with her music and sound art. Her musical self was shaped in the dance and techno scene of Berlin in the late 90s, where she stayed for several years after moving away from her home in Tennessee. Since then she moved back to the US and has been highly active in the art and electronic music scene.

The Berlin influence is still recognizable in the accentuated techno style of a lot of the beats she produces. A combination with sometimes ethereal and eerie vocal parts defines her very own sound. These vocals and her tendency to experiment partly resemble Fever Ray/The Knife‘s approach to music. In case an archetypal example for Holly’s diverse style even exists, it’s ‘Fade’.  It’s dark and it’s danceable!


Year: 2014

Genre: Experimental / Techno

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Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots – Cumbia Lolita

Engaging with minimal, one of the slightly less male-dominated subgenres of electronic music, one finds a wide array of active female producers and DJs.

One of them is Joyce Muniz, a Brasilian DJ, producer and singer who was born in Sao Paulo but lives and works in Vienna for almost 2 decades now.

Cumbia Lolita is taken from her ‘Cumbia Madness‘ EP that she released together with Santi Roots back in 2010. Here, she incorporates Latin American music, namely colombian Cumbia, with the sounds of western club culture and creates something she calls ‘Cumbia-Tech-House’.

I’ve always had an affection for the combination of Latin American sounds and culture on one hand and electronic music on the other for a while. But seeing ‘Matanza‘ live a few weeks ago, my love has reached new heights. If anyone has any more suggestions for bands or artists in a similar vein, preferably with women involved, please feel free to post them in the comments or send a message.

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Nina Kraviz – Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Nina Kraviz is one of the most prominent and successful female DJs around the world and has created a lot of publicity by explicitly talking about women and femininity in the world of electronic music.

This is an amazing DJ set by her from the ‘Boiler Room’ Series recorded in Berlin. Continue reading Nina Kraviz – Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set