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Emma Louise & Wankelmut – My Head is a Jungle (My Head is a Dub MK Remix)

Sometimes I love remixes just for the sake of making me rediscover a long forgotten gem. At other times  they bring songs onto a whole new level. And there are also those few tracks where both coincide in one tune.

The MK remix of  Emma Louise’s cooperation with german producer Wankelmut is one of those exceptions. It’s a much more progressive, sweeping house beat set to Emma’s vocals and the melodic sequences of the original. And although this seems to be quite a controversial remix, judging by the comments on Soundcloud, I like it way better than MK’s original take on the song. Even though I must admit that I share the reservations about the general quality of production and some parts of the song, this has too much style to dismiss it that easily.

Emma herself is a talented singer-songwriter from Australia, who had her first greater commercial success with the feature of Wankelmut. The original version (‘Jungle’) of this tune already is a wonderful song and in 2013 she released her first full album ‘Vs Head Vs Heart’ that was positively received by the critics. I’d love for her to work together with more electronic producers in the future. It would really suit her.

Year: 2013

Genre: House

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Röyksopp ft. Karin Dreijer Andersson – Tricky Tricky (Beyond Deep Remix)

I just stumbled upon this beauty of a video on YouTube for hungarian producer Beyond Deep‘s remix of Röyksopp‘s ‘Tricky Tricky‘ featuring the wonderful Karin Dreijer Andersson.

Karin is mostly known for the collaborative, by now very feminist, music project ‘The Knife’ with her brother Olof as well as for her solo project ‘Fever Ray’. Beyond that Karin had many appearances as a guest vocalist, not the least of them as a feature on Röyksopp’s tracks.

The video is a fan-made compilation of several russian vintage sci-fi flicks and goes perfectly with Karins voice and the futuristic Röyksopp beats, all made even more robotic and dreamy by Beyond Deep’s production.

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