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Adi – Save Me From Myself

After featuring Music Junkies a while ago, Adi Ulmanksy, who will play at the Berlin Festival tomorrow, is the next upcoming act from Tel-Aviv’s club scene. On her songs the very versatile Adi fulfills the roles of producer, singer as well as rapper. After releasing her first Mixtape ‘Shit just got real’ in early 2013 and the ‘Hurricane Girl’ EP later that year, she has become one of Israel’s most internationally acclaimed electronic artists.

‘Save me from myself’ came into being during her recent stay in London and originated from a deep feeling of melancholy. The soulful vocals, together with her almost avant-garde beats, create a deep and warm atmosphere. I don’t mind Adi being lonely again every once in a while if this is what she makes of it.

Year: 2014

Genre: Futurebeats / Nu’ Soul

More From Adi Ulmansky:

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A K U A is a 28yr old musician of Canadian/Ghanaian descent from Montreal who first came to greater prominence with her 2013 debut EP ‘One’s Company’ while prior to that taking an exciting path to becoming the outstanding artist she is today.

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Billie Black – I waited for you

Billie Black is a 19yr old singer from London who has long since dedicated her life to music in general, and jazz in particular. After some spells in classical orchestras she was inspired by the likes of James Blake and Jessie Ware who combined classical singing with electronic instrumentals.

‘I waited for you’ is a perfect example of the blending of electronic sounds and jazzy vocals, which works so well for Billie Black. It’s relaxing and haunting, hopeful and regretful at the same time. It makes one really look forward to her upcoming EP that is due to be released anytime soon.


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Shuanise – Alailoye

Shuanise is part of the new, very cosmopolitan nu-soul movement. She was born in the US, was raised and still lives in London while having a Nigerian ancestry. This particular tune was to be found on her ‘Voice of Reason’ EP , released by UpMyAlley, that was put out in 2009. It is produced by fLako, and his beats provide the perfect backdrop for Shuanise’s soulful vocals.

I have become such a sucker for everything neo-soul and I don’t know how this tune possibly got past me. One of my favorite finds this year.

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Fatima – La Neta

Fatima is a soul-singer from Sweden, although residing in London for some time already, that really surprised me with the range of musical heritages she manages to include in her songs by delegating the beat production to a diverse array of producers. Her african influences (she was born to a Swedish mother and a Senegalese father) are clearly noticeable and she combines it with the modern western electronic and soul sounds she grew up with. ‘La Neta’ is a perfect example of the soundscapes Fatima manages to pack into just one single song.

She has definitely become one of my favorite artists of the Nu Soul movement and I find it hard to disagree when she says that “the combination between soul and electronic sounds is the future”. Her amazing debut album ‘Yellow Memories’ was also released only this month. She’s a real sure shot for the future of women in electronic music.

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Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

This collaboration between young English singer Nao and A.K. Paul, brother of the hyped Jai Paul, whose sound A.K.’s production definitely resembles, is a very classy future-soul tune that will easily stick to your eardrums and create a constant pleasant tingling sensation. If this is a measure for their potential, there is much to expect from both of these young prospects in the future. Continue reading Nao vs. A. K. Paul – So Good

The Hics – Cold Air

It’s hard not to think of The XX when listening to The Hics. They’ve got the soothing electric beats and the chemistry between the two singers of this sextet (Roxana and Sam) works almost as perfectly. On top of that the London-based band have a not too small dose of soul and jazz mixed into it. Continue reading The Hics – Cold Air