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Light Asylum – Skull Fuct

In accordance with popular opinion I think that the 80s were quite a remarkable decade when it comes to music. But contrary to the popular belief that it was a particularly bad 10 years, I am convinced that the 80s laid some of the most important foundations for todays electronic music landscape. After all where would we be without the likes of Kraftwerk (‘Computer World’ was released in 1981), Frankie Knuckles (who started in the 80s), and New Order (even Joy Division’s ‘Closer’ came out in 1980).

Light Asylum are clearly inspired by the post-punk darkwave movement around the latter.  As The Guardian describes it: ‘In the 70s and early 80s, synth-pop was radical, sexually ambiguous, fraught and futuristic’ before it became mainstream and lost its appeal. But thankfully ‘Light Asylum are here to kick synth-pop back to the dark side’ now. Hell, they even start ‘Skull fuct’ with almost the exact same bass drum repetition as New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’.

New-York based Light Asylum are ‘synth-master Bruno Coviello’ and ‘the gorgeously androgynous Shannon Funchess’ who does vocals as well as the drumming. Especially Shannon’s presence is an irreplaceable force on stage as well as in their music videos. As a bonus, they have a good taste in music and gave readers an insight into what they consider synth-pop’s crucial tracks. There are some nice influences to be found in there.

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La Femme

Impelling Drums, ethereal surf music vocals, synthetic circus sounds and surreal lyrics. The combination of all that is what makes the multi-piece cold-wave, punk-rock, yé-yé band ‘La Femme’ so special. Continue reading La Femme


Austra is a Canadian band hailing from Toronto, that mainly consists of three people. Katie Stelmanis who is responsible for the vocals, lyrics and keyboards, Maya Postepski on all kinds of drums and Bassist Dorian Wolf. Katie’s sometimes rather cold but always very intense voice (which she trained through a legitimate education as an opera singer) is what dominates the sound of Austra. It often stands in a juxtaposed position to the more upbeat and straight-forward tunes that Maya and Dorian provide and together they create a very intimate soundscape. Continue reading Austra