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Kito & Reija Lee – Starting Line

Being friends since they were thirteen it seems only natural for the two Australians Kito & Reija Lee to work together. Since they started collaborating in 2008 they have combined their respective talents. Kito is responsible for beats and production while Reija provides the enchanting vocals. They have been signed to Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent’ label, and earlier worked together with Skream, which generated a lot of publicity for them. Their first EP ‘Sweet Talk’ was released on Mad Decent in 2012.

‘Starting Line’ is taken from their newest release, the ‘II EP‘. And as they say on this interview for ‘DoAndroidsDance’ it’s a real co-production for the very first time, in that they helped to evolve the song together, deviating from their usual step-by-step process of Kito producing a beat and Reija subsequently writing the lyrics for it.

It’s full of beautiful synths, soaking with memories of the sound of the 80s, combined with the beauty of today’s electro-pop style.

Year: 2014

Genre: Electro Pop

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