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Billie Black – I waited for you

Billie Black is a 19yr old singer from London who has long since dedicated her life to music in general, and jazz in particular. After some spells in classical orchestras she was inspired by the likes of James Blake and Jessie Ware who combined classical singing with electronic instrumentals.

‘I waited for you’ is a perfect example of the blending of electronic sounds and jazzy vocals, which works so well for Billie Black. It’s relaxing and haunting, hopeful and regretful at the same time. It makes one really look forward to her upcoming EP that is due to be released anytime soon.


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The Hics – Cold Air

It’s hard not to think of The XX when listening to The Hics. They’ve got the soothing electric beats and the chemistry between the two singers of this sextet (Roxana and Sam) works almost as perfectly. On top of that the London-based band have a not too small dose of soul and jazz mixed into it. Continue reading The Hics – Cold Air