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Jessie Ware – Say You Love Me (Shura Remix)

Electric Women is reporting back from a short (work-related) break with an incredibly intimate remix by Shura. The London-based producer and singer does some rearranging and tweaking on ‘Say You Love Me’ by Britain’s electro-soul darling Jessie Ware.

The result is this four minute beauty, which is dominated by a moan-like synth line and slowly progresses from having a soothing quality towards an upbeat and uplifting ending. It leaves one with the simple directive, expressed by a masculine-sounding distorted voice, to ‘Fall in Love’ – thereby excitingly contrasting Jessie Ware’s repeated statement: ‘I don’t wanna fall in love’.

Year: 2014

Genre: Futurebeats / Soul

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Dot – Super Moon / Space Race

I’m really happy to introduce • dot • today. She is a producer and singer from LA, who has founded her own all-female(!) record label ‘Unspeakable Records’. And because this most definitely deserves its very own lengthy article, I’ll leave it at that for now.

‘Super Moon’ is taken from the first compilation released through her record label, ‘Unspeakable Volume One’. The sampler is available as a download or as limited edition on cassette via their bandcamp.

It is a super chilled tune, built from some superb drum samples and a futuristic line of vocal samples and synths. I don’t think I’m going to relax to anything else in the next days.

‘Space Race’ is my other Dot favorite, with which I might have fallen deeply in love.

It has some unbelievable gamey samples and some pleasantly wobbling and progressive synth sequences. The combination with her assertively whispered vocals (‘Are you ready? Go!’) through out the track just gives me the chills. Definitely one of this year’s favorites.

Year: 2014

Genre: Future Beats / Chill

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Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse (Treasure Fingers Remix) / Toxic (Cestladore Rework) [Double Feature]

Today’s Electric Women took a path that becomes a more and more common phenomenon in the modern music industry, but which (thankfully) is still a rarity in electronic music. 20-year old Melanie Martinez’ first dip into fame and appearance in popular media was her participation in the third season of American TV-Show ‘The Voice’. She was eliminated after reaching the Top 6, but still managed to build upon her newly found popularity.

Treasure Fingers just released a remix of the lead single ‘Dollhouse’ from her debut EP with the same name. In his hands it has become a fine house / garage song that perfectly compliments Melanie’s vocals.

One of my favorites releases from last year has taken one of her most memorable performances on The Voice, the cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ as a base. The rework by Cestladore, which he simply calls ‘Melanie’, puts a whole different spin on that song again. It’s one of the best trap tunes I’ve heard yet. So good that it really might be post-trap already, like Cestladore himself tagged it on Soundcloud.

It seems like Melanie Martinez is becoming a producers’ favorite to remix and it’s definitely worth the effort, if one takes these two tunes as any kind of benchmark for it.

Year: 2014

Genre: Garage / Trap

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Kelela – The High

This is one of the most intense tunes I’ve heard all year and it’s brought to us by Kelela (Mizanekristos), a songstress from LA, in cooperation with producers Gifted & Blessed. Kelela is one of alt-R&B’s brightest future prospects. She was born in Washington and has an Ethiopian heritage. It was only when she started studying Jazz, that she started to pursue a career as a singer.

Her biggest impact on the electronic soundscape as of yet was the release of her mixtape ‘Cut 4 Me’, that she described as the first time she could actually express exactly what she wanted to, with the help of a diverse array of producers. They produced the raw beats before Kelela added her own vocals afterwards, aiming for the sound and feel of a remix album. And to some success indeed as, among others, The Guardian praised it as one of 2013’s best albums. And I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The High’ would end up on quite a few years-end top lists as well.

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Disclosure featuring Various Electric Women – You & Me / White Noise / Help me lose my mind

One of, if not the biggest breakthrough groups in Electronic Music last year was Disclosure. Disclosure are English brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence and in 2013 they reached new heights with their debut album ‘Settle’ that was on top of many year’s end best-of lists (among others, #4 on StereoGum, #6 on The Guardian or #1 on r/electronicmusic).

They were praised for their immense soul, warmth and emotional depth – despite clearly playing dance music with a strong pop influence. One of the most important aspects of their album was that almost every song was a feature. An attribute that is usually a good reason for skepticism, but that became one of the main reasons for success in the case of Disclosure.

Among the collaborators are many amazing women, who strongly shape the overall sound of the album and I picked my three absolute favorites featuring Eliza Doolittle, Aluna George and London Grammar.

with Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Flume Remix)

To me, this is one of the best songs of the last decade. The original is great, but Flume‘s remix is completely out of this world. And just when you think this couldn’t be topped a video comes around, produced by Toby & Pete, that clearly proves this assumption wrong. It captures the strong and intimate sexual energy of the song and translates it into intense pictures.

The song itself features London-based Indie singer Eliza Doolittle, who was born into an English family of artists and quickly realized that singing is what she wants to do. She has released two albums, as of yet and was already featured on some electronic tracks before, but ‘You & Me’ stands as her biggest feature until now.

with AlunaGeorge – White Noise

White Noise is one of the more forward going, very dancy songs from Disclosure’s album and, to no surprise, it works like a charm. Be sure to also check out the fine and upbeat video, that features some amazing dance moves, linked above.

Electronic/trip-hop duo AlunaGeorge, or more precisely Aluna Francis, one half of the duo, provide the vocals for this track. Their own stand-alone music is inspired by Future-Pop artists and 90’s R&B and is definitely worth checking out.

with London Grammar – Help Me Lose My Mind

The last, very calm and deeply emotional track, was created by Disclosure in collaboration with platinum-winning group London Grammar, who have already been featured on Electric Women before. ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ is clearly influenced by the artistic vision of the duo and creates an atmosphere of emotional intimacy that is rarely reached in dance music.

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Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Purity Ring are a long-standing favorite of mine, since I discovered them while listening to Grimes (who is also their labelmate on 4AD), XXYYXX and the likes. They consist of Megan James and Corin Roddick from Edmonton in Canada and play together since 2010.

Roddick’s production and James’ vocals form a memorable combination that NME described as being “ethereal but gutsy, bold but whimsical, doused in confidence and meaning and always poking at the membranes of the here and now, never ones to bow to the status quo”.

What is rather easy to miss are the lyrics, that are written by James and sometimes consist of personal notes from years before they even thought of forming an electronic band. They are easy to miss, because the production soundscape sounds so dreamy and perfectly coherent, while the vocals are often quite heavily distorted. So multiple replays of Purity Ring’s tracks are always highly recommended, if only to discover a new level inside their deeply emotional lyrics, and ‘Fineshrine’ is a formidable place to start.

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Mounika. – Flower

I found a new love. Her name is Mounika. and I just love the flowers she brings me. And although we both know how love hurts, everything I think about when I wake up is her.

She’s from Poitiers in France, which is not too far from the ocean, so today we spend the most beautiful day at the beach. At first she was a bit mad at me, because I forget the sunscreen at home, but what use is it complaining about done deeds, so we just went bathing in the warm atlantic before she showed me all the tricks she can do, playing piano on the sand. As beautiful as it was, we really just wanted to spend some time doing nothing but thinking about each other, forgetting about the world around us. So for the rest of the day we just lingered on a towel looking into each others’ eyes. That’s how much I love her, my Mounika..

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