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La Roux – Uptight Downtown

It’s already time. Time to revisit La Roux, now that Elly Jackson released the second album, ‘Trouble in Paradise’, under the monicker of ‘La Roux’, the first as a complete solo-artist, after producer Ben Langmaid left the project. And La Roux is noticably taking a different turn this time around. The cold synths á la Kraftwerk are gone and have been interchanged by warm disco-like beats.

‘Uptight Downtown’ is a perfect example for the direction she is taking with her album that came out just two days ago, on the 22nd of July. It’s over the top dancy and has an easy nod-along feel to it.  So everything La Roux is allegedly trying on this record, seems to succeed. Whether this will be at the expense of a longer lasting impact of the music is yet to be shown. But it sure is a catchy tune and the album should become a big commercial success for her.

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Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp / Paris (TEED Holiday Edit)

At least since their mind-blowing feature with SBTRKT ‘Wildfire’ most people have heard of them. But the electro group from Gothenburg  has already been around since their shared high school days in 1996. The electro powerhouse from every feminist’s favorite country that is Sweden,  is led by singer Yukimi Nagano and has only recently released their newest album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’.

‘Klapp Klapp’ is a little more forward going than their usual trip-hop and chill-out induced electronic sounds, but this makes it all the more fun. One also shouldn’t miss their second single, ‘Paris’, released from their new album. And if you have to choose only one remix to listen to all day, listen to TEED’s edit of the great source material of ‘Paris’ below. You won’t regret it. Seriously some of the best stuff he has done recently, and that’s nothing I’d say too easily. ‘Oh my God!’.

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London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

This beauty comes in form of a Bonobo remix of ‘Hey Now’ by electro-/indie-pop group London Grammar. It adds an amazingly well-placed trip-hop flow to the original song, just as we would expect from Bonobo. The original is even more ambient than this remix and it’s also greatly recommended.

London Grammar hail from Nottingham and ‘Hey Now’ was the song that brought them to wider recognition, after they released it online. They are fronted by Hannah Reid who provides the powerful vocals and writes the lyrics with the other two taking great part in the general writing process of the sounds surrounding it. By now they are no newcomers anymore having reached platinum for their debut album ‘If you wait’ and being dubbed ‘The new XX’ by many.

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Gazelle Twin – Men Like Gods

This is one for the darker hours. ‘Men like Gods’ is taken from Gazelle Twin’s debut album ‘The Entire City’ which was released to great critical acclaim and at times almost rave reviews.  Gazelle Twin’s style is often, not without reason, likened to Fever Ray‘s aesthetics as well as her sound. (Planningtorock also comes to mind.) Elizabeth Walling, who’s project it is, creates dark haunting soundscapes and, as you can see for yourself in the video above, the accompanying visuals to it.

Some call it art-pop, or avant-garde electronic. Whatever you might call it, it is there to bring to light your unconscious fears and it does so beatifully. The incredible remix by Ghost Eyes and the accompanying video, are also highly recommended. Anyway, Gazelle Twin’s dark mind will definitely haunt you for a while if you give yourself in to it.

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Robyn ft. Kleerup – With Every Heartbeat

To celebrate Robyn and Röyksopp’s collaborative mini-album ‘Do it Again’ (that is sure to get its very own post anytime soon) and their recent gig at Jimmy Kimmel, I want to post another classic by the other half of them, after posting one of Röyksopp’s classic a few days ago.

I give you Robyn and her all-Swedish feature with producer (Andreas) Kleerup ‘With every heartbeat’. It’s so catchy and one of the best songs Robyn has put out, which actually says a lot. Continue reading Robyn ft. Kleerup – With Every Heartbeat