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Vaccine – Breathless

People often forget how diverse dubstep can be. Christine Clements or Vaccine, as she calls herself, is a testament to a style of dubstep that is often overlooked. Her tracks consist of melodic, relaxed tunes and easy breaks to create a light atmosphere that is very different from the dancefloor oriented sounds one is used to associate with dubstep these days.

Christine herself was the first female producer signed to a dubstep label, in a genre that only consisted of male musicians and is still very slow to adapt to the reality of female producers and DJs in the scene. Before she started her own endeavors in the EDM scene, she was involved in the promotion of electronic music and even had her own Drum & Bass label together with her husband.

‘Anaesthetic’ is a song taken from an EP of the same name that was released in 2007 and it has all the qualities that distinguish Vaccine from her peers.

Year: 2007

Genre: Dubstep / Breaks

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Amy Steele – Bury You Deep (Gemini Remix)

UKF is one of the go-to brands when it comes to two popular ‘harder’ genres of electronic music – namely DubStep and Drum & Bass. And the Dubstep branch of UKF just posted a well-done remix of Amy Steele’s ‘Bury You Deep’ by British producer Gemini.

Amy Steele manages more and more to make a name for herself as a singer-songwriter, while studying for her degree in medicine at the same time. Her songs seem to become favorites for remixes by electronic artists as ‘Bury You Deep’ has also been transformed into a Drum & Bass tune by technimatic, while other songs have been remixed as well.

Gemini’s remix of ‘Bury You Deep’ is my clear favorite, though, so far.  The drop and the overall feel of the track could be a bit heavier but it’s still a pretty good tune and the video accompanying it is also worth watching, showing some nice work by cameramen and gymnast alike.

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Ikonika – Animatronik

Sara Abdel-Hamid, who goes by the name of Ikonika, to me is one of the most exciting producers and DJs in Dubstep today.

She is signed to HyperDub where she released her latest album ‘Aerotropolis’ in 2013. In the production process she took a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, like living just a few kilometres away from London-Heathrow. The whole idea of flying is omnipresent in that album and her ambivalent attitude towards it really shows. Sara’s sound is also influenced by video games from her past and science-fiction movies like ‘Gattaca’, creating a mixture which makes for an intense retro-futuristic journey on that album.

‘Animatronik’ is to be found on ‘Aerotropolis’ as a bonus track and it’s one of her most catchy tunes to date, while also incorporating loads of different influences from a diverse array of electronic music genres as always, with Chiptune definitely having the greatest impact.

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La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix)

So much contemporary electronic music is influenced by the 80s and La Roux is definitely among those that use this influence most wisely. For those that fancy the amazing original of ‘In For The Kill’ to be too poppish, there is always Skream’s amazing Dubstep remix that makes use of breaks and the accompanying expectations. I get ever so excited about the almost complete silence before the break beat sets in near the end of the song. Continue reading La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Remix)