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Olivier & Robyn Florence – Fever

Olivier is a young 16-year-old producer from the Netherlands. For his first single ‘Fever’, he teamed up with the wonderful Robyn Florence. It was released in the end of August and all profits that are eventually generated will be donated to the Dutch ALS foundation.

Lyrically, it is a song about sexual self determination and unwanted advances in public spaces. In particular about the tragically common phenomenon of people not being able to read other’s emotions (or not minding them) and subsequently making unrequited and unwanted approaches.

While Olivier wrote and produced the track, Robyn, who first met Olivier in school, had a great influence on the creative direction and co-wrote the lyrics in addition to providing the vocals. As yet she was primarily covering songs and putting them up on YouTube or Soundcloud. So this is a new step for both of them. And a great one at that, as the surprisingly mature sounding ‘Fever’ is an early testament of their promising talent.

Unfortunately, the full song is not out there on SoundCloud, so here’s a link to a 60 second preview on SC, for those that don’t use Spotify.

Year: 2014

Genre: House

More From Robyn Florence:

Soundcloud | YouTube


Disclosure featuring Various Electric Women – You & Me / White Noise / Help me lose my mind

One of, if not the biggest breakthrough groups in Electronic Music last year was Disclosure. Disclosure are English brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence and in 2013 they reached new heights with their debut album ‘Settle’ that was on top of many year’s end best-of lists (among others, #4 on StereoGum, #6 on The Guardian or #1 on r/electronicmusic).

They were praised for their immense soul, warmth and emotional depth – despite clearly playing dance music with a strong pop influence. One of the most important aspects of their album was that almost every song was a feature. An attribute that is usually a good reason for skepticism, but that became one of the main reasons for success in the case of Disclosure.

Among the collaborators are many amazing women, who strongly shape the overall sound of the album and I picked my three absolute favorites featuring Eliza Doolittle, Aluna George and London Grammar.

with Eliza Doolittle – You & Me (Flume Remix)

To me, this is one of the best songs of the last decade. The original is great, but Flume‘s remix is completely out of this world. And just when you think this couldn’t be topped a video comes around, produced by Toby & Pete, that clearly proves this assumption wrong. It captures the strong and intimate sexual energy of the song and translates it into intense pictures.

The song itself features London-based Indie singer Eliza Doolittle, who was born into an English family of artists and quickly realized that singing is what she wants to do. She has released two albums, as of yet and was already featured on some electronic tracks before, but ‘You & Me’ stands as her biggest feature until now.

with AlunaGeorge – White Noise

White Noise is one of the more forward going, very dancy songs from Disclosure’s album and, to no surprise, it works like a charm. Be sure to also check out the fine and upbeat video, that features some amazing dance moves, linked above.

Electronic/trip-hop duo AlunaGeorge, or more precisely Aluna Francis, one half of the duo, provide the vocals for this track. Their own stand-alone music is inspired by Future-Pop artists and 90’s R&B and is definitely worth checking out.

with London Grammar – Help Me Lose My Mind

The last, very calm and deeply emotional track, was created by Disclosure in collaboration with platinum-winning group London Grammar, who have already been featured on Electric Women before. ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ is clearly influenced by the artistic vision of the duo and creates an atmosphere of emotional intimacy that is rarely reached in dance music.

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La Roux – Uptight Downtown

It’s already time. Time to revisit La Roux, now that Elly Jackson released the second album, ‘Trouble in Paradise’, under the monicker of ‘La Roux’, the first as a complete solo-artist, after producer Ben Langmaid left the project. And La Roux is noticably taking a different turn this time around. The cold synths á la Kraftwerk are gone and have been interchanged by warm disco-like beats.

‘Uptight Downtown’ is a perfect example for the direction she is taking with her album that came out just two days ago, on the 22nd of July. It’s over the top dancy and has an easy nod-along feel to it.  So everything La Roux is allegedly trying on this record, seems to succeed. Whether this will be at the expense of a longer lasting impact of the music is yet to be shown. But it sure is a catchy tune and the album should become a big commercial success for her.

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Lipps Inc. – Funkytown

Today is going to be a classy day. With this #1 disco bomb from Minneapolis-based studio band Lipps. Inc, that was released on their album ‘Mouth to Mouth’ in 1979. It is sung by Cynthia Johnson, who still works as a singer, songwriter and producer (as well as sometimes as an actress) and has released her first solo album in 2013.

This song is sure to bring out your Friday evening gott humör, in no time. Although the video is noteworthy as well, as the only black woman (the mandatory funk extra) in that video is degraded to a background role, in contrast to Lipps inc. itself, which was an ethnically diverse formation with said Cynthia Johnson as a black lead singer. Can I hear anyone say whitewashing? Continue reading Lipps Inc. – Funkytown