FKA Twigs

It’s almost a periodical event, that a new electro artist who is discovered in the depths of the internet, gets hyped out of proportions in the following months. But there are those rare instances, where most of the fuss is well deserved. The release of FKA Twigs’ first full-length album ‘LP1’ is one of those events where I will happily join the overly enthusiastic crowd. Not only because it’s one of this year’s best and most captivating electronic albums, as of yet. But also because of FKA Twigs herself, who surely deserves all the praise she gets lately.

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Magda – She’s a Dancing Machine

To bring a little diversity to the electro-pop dominated posts of the last days and to celebrate the rediscovery of one of my earliest Electric-Girl crushes, I give you minimal-techno legend Magda and the release that really made her career take off, ‘She’s a dancing machine’.

Magda was born in Poland, raised in Detroit and lived in Berlin for a long time, where she gathered an enormous following after she got signed to Richie Hawtin‘s label minus. In 2011 she took another direction again by founding her very own label, Items & Things, together with her long-term fellow producers / friends Marc Houle and Troy Pierce.

Today Magda is going strong as ever and, among other things, just hosted  BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix on Women’s Day of this year.

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Peking Duk ft. Nicole Millar – High

Wonderfully dancey tunes – a happily weird music video – strong vocals and lyrics. That is all that makes this track so damn good. It’s an Australian collaboration between the up and coming producer duo Peking Duk and singer Nicole Millar who has just released her first solo tune.

Also recommended: Yahtzel’s tropical beats remix of ‘High’.

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Billie Black – I waited for you

Billie Black is a 19yr old singer from London who has long since dedicated her life to music in general, and jazz in particular. After some spells in classical orchestras she was inspired by the likes of James Blake and Jessie Ware who combined classical singing with electronic instrumentals.

‘I waited for you’ is a perfect example of the blending of electronic sounds and jazzy vocals, which works so well for Billie Black. It’s relaxing and haunting, hopeful and regretful at the same time. It makes one really look forward to her upcoming EP that is due to be released anytime soon.


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Sinead Harnett – No Other Way (Bearcubs Remix)

Just a very short post today, as this tune is still fresh and definitely doesn’t deserve to get overlooked, but there’s only so much time in a day. It’s Bearcubs remix of ‘No Other Way’ by the wonderful Sinead Harnett.

Sinead is a london-based singer of irish-thai descent, that incorporates electronic elements into every one of her songs, that are otherwise soaking with Soul and R&B classiness. She released her debut single ‘Got Me’ only a little more than a year ago and already featured, very successfully, on some Disclosure songs before that.

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[Playlist] Electric Women of Dream Pop

So this is a premiere, my very first post of a playlist for convenient listening. I’ve decided to make this first one about the vast landscape of (electronic) Dream Pop, as quite a few of the hitherto published posts could be categorized into this genre, there is a reasonably good representation of Women in the bands in question and last, but not least, it has always been one of my absolute favorite genres. The boundaries of dream pop are broadly set here, as I not only not agree with the notion of a necessity of strict separation between the genres, moreover I think that those boundaries inhibit musical development and progress so I’ll go with what I’d say could be categorized under the umbrella term of Dream Pop.

Dream Pop is primarily defined by ethereal vocals and a focus on the song’s texture. It has been often used in the 80s and 90s for a sub-genre of alternative rock, but thereafter has been used for a wide difference of sounds including, but not limited to, bands that are otherwise labeled as playing synth- or electro pop music.

There have been excessive discussions on which bands are to place under this term, and whether Dream Pop is part of the electronic music scene or not has been a controversial question. In addition, the differentiation between Dream Pop and the closely connected genre Shoegaze has been questioned multiple times as well. But to me those debates surrounding exclusionist notions of music are moot. So in case anyone is still wondering what Dream Pop is, better start listening to the tunes and see for yourself.