Susie Suh x Robot Koch – Here With Me (Bearson Remix)

It was about time I finally shared this wonderful track. I’m not sure whether it is a good thing, that I planned to post this almost 3 weeks ago when I found it on Thump, but never got around to actually doing it. At first it might look like the track wasn’t too good to begin with, otherwise I’d have posted it immediately. But on the other hand, I always keep coming back to it and my love for it is growing every time. By now it has become one of my favorite tunes of the last months.

Susie Suh is a Korean-American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, that usually produces introspective folk music. ‘Here with me’, which she wrote and produced together with Robot Koch from Berlin, is in its original version a very mellow and soothing tune. The remix by Bearson doesn’t lose any of it’s original qualities but adds a tropical house feel that makes this a superb feel-good song to listen to, not only on relaxed summer evenings.

Year: 2014

Genre: Tropical / Chill

More From Susie Suh:

Official Website | Soundcloud | YouTube


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