A K U A is a 28yr old musician of Canadian/Ghanaian descent from Montreal who first came to greater prominence with her 2013 debut EP ‘One’s Company’ while prior to that taking an exciting path to becoming the outstanding artist she is today.

Akua Carson, which is her real name, started singing in a choir in university and later on became part of various bands in Montreal, before she got offered a job via mail by a complete stranger to go to and stay in the Middle east, where Akua got generously paid for singing in the bar of a luxury hotel for six days a week. She felt very out of place between the rich and influential guests of the hotel, while identifying with the very poorly paid staff. With the background of just having finished a four-year-degree in development economics with a focus on poverty, it was made to be a crucial experience in her life.

But finally A K U A ended up back in Montreal/Toronto where she is, strengthened by her experiences, making even more amazing music than before. And she is not only singing, but is also playing an important part in the production of the beats and the overall sound. While she already produced whole tracks on her own, she describes her role in the creation of ‘One’s Company’, more as that of a curator of sound pointing out the general direction and details of the sound.

In the video to the title track of the EP, she drives around in a hearse and performs an autopsy on herself. In an interview for Noisey she describes this as a metaphor for the death of a relationship and the rebirth afterwards, an ode to independence.

Her ‘hybrid sound’ of soul, funk, R&B and electronic music keeps your ears tied to the speakers and her brother, who produces her music videos, helps to keep your eyes tied to the screen, all the while following A K U A. Yet another bright prospect of the nu’ soul generation, but one with a very special background that influences her fresh take on the electric soul soundscape.

Year: 2014

Genre: Nu-Soul / Chill

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