Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp / Paris (TEED Holiday Edit)

At least since their mind-blowing feature with SBTRKT ‘Wildfire’ most people have heard of them. But the electro group from Gothenburg  has already been around since their shared high school days in 1996. The electro powerhouse from every feminist’s favorite country that is Sweden,  is led by singer Yukimi Nagano and has only recently released their newest album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’.

‘Klapp Klapp’ is a little more forward going than their usual trip-hop and chill-out induced electronic sounds, but this makes it all the more fun. One also shouldn’t miss their second single, ‘Paris’, released from their new album. And if you have to choose only one remix to listen to all day, listen to TEED’s edit of the great source material of ‘Paris’ below. You won’t regret it. Seriously some of the best stuff he has done recently, and that’s nothing I’d say too easily. ‘Oh my God!’.

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London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)

This beauty comes in form of a Bonobo remix of ‘Hey Now’ by electro-/indie-pop group London Grammar. It adds an amazingly well-placed trip-hop flow to the original song, just as we would expect from Bonobo. The original is even more ambient than this remix and it’s also greatly recommended.

London Grammar hail from Nottingham and ‘Hey Now’ was the song that brought them to wider recognition, after they released it online. They are fronted by Hannah Reid who provides the powerful vocals and writes the lyrics with the other two taking great part in the general writing process of the sounds surrounding it. By now they are no newcomers anymore having reached platinum for their debut album ‘If you wait’ and being dubbed ‘The new XX’ by many.

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Jessy Lanza – Strange Emotion

I’m not a big fan of posting live videos, for the simple reason that there’s a big chance people who don’t know the artist(s) will hate it, because of it’s poor quality and distortion noises. But quasi-live performances that are not performed before a crowd, but mostly in an isolated place with good sound qualities (think From the Basement or Live on KEXP)  are a totally different story. The same goes for Yours Truly.

Here they invited the serious but likeable Jessy Lanza, from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada who surprises with great insights (it’s good to live in an isolated place, if you want to write a song about living in an isolated place…) but does an amazing job at keyboard and mic. Jessy mixes synth-pop and contemporary R&B really well and her first solo album ‘Pull My Hair Back’ was received to critical acclaim.

Although R’n’B is usually found on the bottom of my genre top-lists, Jessy’s synth-infused version of it, resonated with me pretty well.

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Maya Jane Coles – Everything (feat. Karin Park)

I’m actually very surprised that this is my first post that involves the queen of house music herself, Maya Jane Coles. In the past years there has hardly been a way around her production and DJ skills. She has been named one of the most influential DJs in the world and is also found in the top 20 of Resident Advisor’s top DJ poll.

What is worth noting is that she does almost every small step in the production of her music herself, from the writing and mixing to the artwork on the sleeves. She is of British and Japanese decent and being born and growing up in London, she is active in producing since 2006.

This track is a deep-house tune that features Swedish artist Karin Park, who was also already featured here on Electric Women.

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A Genderless Utopia

The birth of electronic music gave way for a new hope, the idea of a genderlessness in the production of sound. But as data and the accounts of countless active women in the electronic music scene show, it is a hope that has not been fulfilled (yet?!). Women still have to put up with wide-spread misogyny, while the gendered perception of technology and the focus on the appearance of women are the two biggest obstacles for female artists that are trying to succeed in electronic music.

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Shuanise – Alailoye

Shuanise is part of the new, very cosmopolitan nu-soul movement. She was born in the US, was raised and still lives in London while having a Nigerian ancestry. This particular tune was to be found on her ‘Voice of Reason’ EP , released by UpMyAlley, that was put out in 2009. It is produced by fLako, and his beats provide the perfect backdrop for Shuanise’s soulful vocals.

I have become such a sucker for everything neo-soul and I don’t know how this tune possibly got past me. One of my favorite finds this year.

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CocoRosie – Child Bride

CocoRosie evade most stereotypical characterizations, which. What the us-american sisters Sierra and Bianca Cassidy do musically has been, among others, described as ‘New Weird America’ or ‘Freak Folk’. But into which exact category they fall is not really important. What matters is that they are women, have electronic elements in their music, and sound awesome.

This particular song is a first-person description by a 5-year-old bride in child wedding. The video is shot by director Emma Freeman and depicts the literal story of the young girl getting married and imagining her life in it. It is a personal and touching story CocoRosie tell with the help of the video and it is put into music without much turmoil, being accompanied by harmonic percussions, synth and keyboard sounds. This story definitely has the potential to be narrated more dark and grim, but maybe the fact that there seems to be a melancholic beauty to the song, leaves one even more disturbed at second glance.

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