Blouse – Into Black

Charlie Hilton, Patrick Adams and Jacob Portrait are Blouse. They are a indie/shoegaze band from the US that have released two complete albums as of yet, with the first one, their self-titled debut album ‘Blouse’ being the more successful one among fans. For their second album, they ditched all things all electronic. But one is inclined to ask, why they did that if the chemistry between all members worked so well before. (To be fair, it’s not a bad album at all, and I might actually be a bit biased with this blog being about electronic music…)

But there’s no use crying over spilled milk, especially not when we’ve still got such a fine album as their debut, with incredible tracks like ‘Into Black’ that also comes with a fitting atmospheric video above. They’re bass heavy electronic sounds really reminds one of the intimacy that is created in the sounds of ‘The XX’. If you don’t know Blouse yet,  you should definitely give this tune and the rest of their album a listen.

Year: 2011

Genre: Dream Pop / Shoegaze

Sounds like: The XX / Glasser

More From Blouse:

Official Website



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