Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Purity Ring are a long-standing favorite of mine, since I discovered them while listening to Grimes (who is also their labelmate on 4AD), XXYYXX and the likes. They consist of Megan James and Corin Roddick from Edmonton in Canada and play together since 2010.

Roddick’s production and James’ vocals form a memorable combination that NME described as being “ethereal but gutsy, bold but whimsical, doused in confidence and meaning and always poking at the membranes of the here and now, never ones to bow to the status quo”.

What is rather easy to miss are the lyrics, that are written by James and sometimes consist of personal notes from years before they even thought of forming an electronic band. They are easy to miss, because the production soundscape sounds so dreamy and perfectly coherent, while the vocals are often quite heavily distorted. So multiple replays of Purity Ring’s tracks are always highly recommended, if only to discover a new level inside their deeply emotional lyrics, and ‘Fineshrine’ is a formidable place to start.

Year: 2012

Genre: Dream Pop / Future Beats

“Get a little closer, let fold
Cut open my sternum, and pull
My little ribs around you
The lungs of me be crowns over you”

– Lyrics

More From Purity Ring:

Official Website




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