La Roux – Uptight Downtown

It’s already time. Time to revisit La Roux, now that Elly Jackson released the second album, ‘Trouble in Paradise’, under the monicker of ‘La Roux’, the first as a complete solo-artist, after producer Ben Langmaid left the project. And La Roux is noticably taking a different turn this time around. The cold synths á la Kraftwerk are gone and have been interchanged by warm disco-like beats.

‘Uptight Downtown’ is a perfect example for the direction she is taking with her album that came out just two days ago, on the 22nd of July. It’s over the top dancy and has an easy nod-along feel to it.  So everything La Roux is allegedly trying on this record, seems to succeed. Whether this will be at the expense of a longer lasting impact of the music is yet to be shown. But it sure is a catchy tune and the album should become a big commercial success for her.

Year: 2014

Genre: Synthpop / Disco

More From La Roux:

Official Website




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