Jessy Lanza – Strange Emotion

I’m not a big fan of posting live videos, for the simple reason that there’s a big chance people who don’t know the artist(s) will hate it, because of it’s poor quality and distortion noises. But quasi-live performances that are not performed before a crowd, but mostly in an isolated place with good sound qualities (think From the Basement or Live on KEXP)  are a totally different story. The same goes for Yours Truly.

Here they invited the serious but likeable Jessy Lanza, from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada who surprises with great insights (it’s good to live in an isolated place, if you want to write a song about living in an isolated place…) but does an amazing job at keyboard and mic. Jessy mixes synth-pop and contemporary R&B really well and her first solo album ‘Pull My Hair Back’ was received to critical acclaim.

Although R’n’B is usually found on the bottom of my genre top-lists, Jessy’s synth-infused version of it, resonated with me pretty well.

Year: 2013

Genre: Synthpop / R&B

More From Jessy Lanza:

Official Website


Resident Advisor



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