CocoRosie – Child Bride

CocoRosie evade most stereotypical characterizations, which. What the us-american sisters Sierra and Bianca Cassidy do musically has been, among others, described as ‘New Weird America’ or ‘Freak Folk’. But into which exact category they fall is not really important. What matters is that they are women, have electronic elements in their music, and sound awesome.

This particular song is a first-person description by a 5-year-old bride in child wedding. The video is shot by director Emma Freeman and depicts the literal story of the young girl getting married and imagining her life in it. It is a personal and touching story CocoRosie tell with the help of the video and it is put into music without much turmoil, being accompanied by harmonic percussions, synth and keyboard sounds. This story definitely has the potential to be narrated more dark and grim, but maybe the fact that there seems to be a melancholic beauty to the song, leaves one even more disturbed at second glance.

Year: 2013

Genre: Experimental / Freak Folk

“It’s hard to tell
This is my wedding night
I am dressed and ready
Beside my innocence
It is Hard to tell
Whose little girl am I”


More From CocoRosie:

Official Website




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