Gazelle Twin – Men Like Gods

This is one for the darker hours. ‘Men like Gods’ is taken from Gazelle Twin’s debut album ‘The Entire City’ which was released to great critical acclaim and at times almost rave reviews.  Gazelle Twin’s style is often, not without reason, likened to Fever Ray‘s aesthetics as well as her sound. (Planningtorock also comes to mind.) Elizabeth Walling, who’s project it is, creates dark haunting soundscapes and, as you can see for yourself in the video above, the accompanying visuals to it.

Some call it art-pop, or avant-garde electronic. Whatever you might call it, it is there to bring to light your unconscious fears and it does so beatifully. The incredible remix by Ghost Eyes and the accompanying video, are also highly recommended. Anyway, Gazelle Twin’s dark mind will definitely haunt you for a while if you give yourself in to it.

Year: 2011

Genre: Electronica / Avant-Garde

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