Mounika. – Flower

I found a new love. Her name is Mounika. and I just love the flowers she brings me. And although we both know how love hurts, everything I think about when I wake up is her.

She’s from Poitiers in France, which is not too far from the ocean, so today we spend the most beautiful day at the beach. At first she was a bit mad at me, because I forget the sunscreen at home, but what use is it complaining about done deeds, so we just went bathing in the warm atlantic before she showed me all the tricks she can do, playing piano on the sand. As beautiful as it was, we really just wanted to spend some time doing nothing but thinking about each other, forgetting about the world around us. So for the rest of the day we just lingered on a towel looking into each others’ eyes. That’s how much I love her, my Mounika..

Year: 2014

Genre: Futurebeats / Chill

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