Lipps Inc. – Funkytown

Today is going to be a classy day. With this #1 disco bomb from Minneapolis-based studio band Lipps. Inc, that was released on their album ‘Mouth to Mouth’ in 1979. It is sung by Cynthia Johnson, who still works as a singer, songwriter and producer (as well as sometimes as an actress) and has released her first solo album in 2013.

This song is sure to bring out your Friday evening gott humör, in no time. Although the video is noteworthy as well, as the only black woman (the mandatory funk extra) in that video is degraded to a background role, in contrast to Lipps inc. itself, which was an ethnically diverse formation with said Cynthia Johnson as a black lead singer. Can I hear anyone say whitewashing?


Year: 1979

Genre: Disco / Funk

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Official Website

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