Although it has become a bit quiet around Santi White, better known as Santigold and her musical endeavors in the last two years and she concentrates on other projects these days (e.g. Socks and Makeup), Santigold still had a huge impact on the electro, synthpop scene and paved way for future female musicians of color.

She made her debut under her former moniker Santogold, with her self-titled Album ‘Santogold‘ in 2008, which was followed by 2012’s ‘Master of My Make-Believe‘. Both were released to critical acclaim and ensured her a vivid fanbase celebrating her fresh indietronic pop sounds. In 2008 she received a lot of attention for touring as a support artist of M.I.A. and Björk (as well as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Coldplay and the Beastie Boys).
While both albums are similar in style in their indie electro pop sound, ‘Master of My Make-Believe’ showed a clear development musically, as well as lyrically. While ‘Santogold’ was at the forefront of a new electronic pop sound that became already mainstream around that time. The successor is able to define better in which direction she wants to go herself.
With ‘Master of My Make-Believe’ she incorporated the starting feeling of unrest in US-society, as well as in the global community and processed it in her songs. While she was fascinated by and supported the occupy movement, she doesn’t think of her album as being political, although being a former Punk-Rock Singer herself Santi also supports people like Pussy Riot. Instead she describes it as an album about “being a human in this time”.

Genre: Synthpop / Indie

Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather

Another roadblock in our way

But if we go, we go together

Our hands are tied here if we stay

– Lyrics to Disparate Youth

First Contact Song: Her biggest hit ‘Disparate Youth’ is definitely a good place to start.


More from Santigold:

Official Website




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