Annika Zee – Games (prod. Bridge and Law)

Canada is not only home to a great indie and post-rock scene, but apparently there are loads of talented female electronic musicians around as well. After our feature of Austra in the Electric Women series comes another Toronto-based artist, the 19-ish Annika Zee. She has released only two tracks so far and the more electronic of the two ‘Games’, which is produced by Bridge and Law, ended up as a stylish headbobbing tune with some 80s feel to it due to the amazing synths. And I am already looking forward to the upcoming EP, that is due to this summer.

Furthermore it’s always encouraging to see a conscious dealing with the importance of questions of gender and personality, that apparently have a big influence on her music.

Year: 2012

Genre: House / Electrofunk

“I’m trying to figure out how you can be introspective and convey meaning yet still have humor and subtly play with tone. By playing with tone, I want to challenge gender stereotypes and pre-conceived notions of female emotionality. I want to reference society and what is relatable beyond personal relationships, yet not disregard them entirely.”


More From Annika Zee:



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